Business and Marketing are like giant, ever changing puzzles. Just when you start putting pieces together and you can begin to see a picture starting to form, you glance up and the image you are suppose to be making has changed and you are forced to start over. So how do you succeed, you might ask? Well, that's simple: you need to be making the picture the puzzle will be, and not what it is today - and, in today's market, that can be a harrowing task. Luckily, for you, I love puzzles.

Ever since a kid, I have had a passion for business and creativity. At the age of 8, I figured out that I could use my age to easily gain clientele for mowing lawns through word of mouth, and used that money to hire other children to do the actual work for me. At the age of 11, I was nearly expelled from Thurman White Middle School for starting and running a lucrative snack-selling business with over six other kids under my leadership during my school's lunch period. At the age of 16, I hitched a ride to Hollywood and started running errands outside the Universal lot - and I have been working my way up in Hollywood ever since.

I have worked with Universal Pictures, REVOLT TV10 Thousand Projects,HOODRICH Entertainment, Quality Control Music Group, ROLLING LOUD, and many, many more.

I also have 4+ Years of Experience as a Broadcast Technician/Production Engineer. I am available for consultation, feel free to reach out to discuss pricing!

What are your hobbies?

Filmmaking. At a very young age, I remember stealing my grandfather's video camera and all my cousin's Star Wars action figures and creating new movies of my own - no matter how non-nonsensical it was. As I have grown up, my passion has taken a backseat to my professional life, but any free time I have I spend working towards my goal of becoming a Film Director. Most recently, Coca-Cola (Premier Entertainment) paid me $1 to make a sponsored video, so I decided to create a homage to John Woo and Video Games, which can be viewed here.